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Workshop on IBM Blue Gene computer

20:00 Fri 30 Sep to 06:00 Sat 01 Oct 2005

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


James Kelly (IBM Australia) & Kirk Jordan (IBM USA) will lead a workshop on the IBM Blue Gene. Blue Gene is currently being used by LOFAR for the correlation and may be of interest for xNTD and/or SKA computing.

In the workshop IBM will –
· provide a brief overview of the Blue Gene hardware and software architecture and design philosophy
· discuss how to get the most out of the IBM compilers and
· review Blue Gene specific performance issues such as general analysis of performance, alignment for Double Hummer performance, and the importance of mapping to the Torus network.
· describe how one might approach using the Blue Gene System in a less traditional way.
· via an internet connection to IBM Research we will demonstrate the compute environment by running some simple code to illustrate the ease of use of the machine.


Tim Cornwell

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