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19:00 Fri 16 Dec to 09:00 Sat 17 Dec 2005

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


Everyone is welcome to this year's Astrofest, ATNF's annual gathering to celebrate the hottest, most recent, most fabulous scientific results.
If you want to show around some of your recent work, feel free to give a short talk in front of the friendly audience. Otherwise, just come by and enjoy the day! Coffee and biscuits will be available, and a free lunch for all attendees. The current prgramme is available at the "More information" link below.

The Astrofest starts at 9:30 in the ATNF's Lecture Theatre and finishes around 4:30 pm. To get a rough number for catering please drop us an email if you wish to participate, and, of course, if you wish to give a talk.

Note that CSIRO's Harbour Cruise will be that night, leaving at 7pm from Kissing Point Wharf, Putney. So if you want to extend the Astrofest a little and have some good food and wine on the world's most scenic harbour, get a ticket from Mark Wright or Geoffrey Cook, as long as they are available!

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Enno Middelberg

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