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ATUC science meeting: future directions for Parkes, Tidbinbilla and LBA

Tue 25 May 2010

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


ATUC Science Meeting:

Future directions for Parkes, Tidbinbilla and LBA

While the ATNF allocates substantial effort towards the development of ASKAP, we need to ensure that the existing observatories - Parkes, Mopra, ATCA and the LBA - remain world class. In the first of a series of ATUC science meetings, we welcome your contributions to the "Future Directions for Parkes, Tidbinbilla and LBA" workshop on Tuesday 25 May. The workshop will include presentations and discussion sessions by both scientists and engineers. We are inviting contributions which focus on exciting new science results from Parkes, Tidbinbilla and LBA, along with ideas for future directions.

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Stacy Mader

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