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4th Australian SKA simulations workshop

02:30 Tue 12 Jul to 12:00 Tue 12 Jul 2005

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


The purpose of the meeting is to discuss an outcome of the SKA
Workshop on Wide-Field Imaging which will take place soon in The
Netherlands ( and share
the new information resulted from it within the Australian SKA
community. In addition, it is a great chance for Australians working
in the field to present their latest work and discuss current
issues. The meeting will include a number of talks (15 min each) and
plenty of discussions. The attendees of the ASTRON meeting are
encouraged to attend this half-day workshop as well and give a talk
with a significant review part to inspire the discussions. The
workshop is open to everybody interested in different aspects of
interferometry simulations (not necessarily SKA related). Although
it is mainly aimed at Australian SKA community if anyone from
overseas is interested or able to attend, they would be most
welcome. Please let me know by July 2 if you wish to attend. If you
have an intention to give a talk, please indicate it.


Maxim Voronkov

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