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Super Science Fellow for WALLABY - the ASKAP HI All-Sky Survey

Applications are invited for a 3-year Super Science Fellowship at CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science / ATNF. – We are currently constructing ASKAP, the “Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder”, a next-generation 21-cm radio interferometer consisting of 36 dishes (12-m diameter) to be equipped with wide-field phased array feeds.

The ASKAP HI All-Sky Survey (nick-named WALLABY) is the highest ranked ASKAP spectral line survey and currently well into its design phase. We are looking for a highly motivated postdoc who will join the Wallaby team and work towards the identification and analysis of gas-rich galaxies, study their structure, dynamics, star-formation and environment.

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Added by B. Koribalski on 2010-10-29

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