ATNF publications list

Publication lists for papers which include ATNF data or ATNF authors are available on the web at Please email any updates or corrections to this list to

This list includes published refereed papers compiled since the October 2006 newsletter. Papers which include ATNF staff are indicated by an asterisk.

*AULD, R., MINCHIN, R.F., DAVIES, J.I., CATINELLA, B., VAN DRIEL, W., HENNING, P.A., LINDER, S., MOMJIAN, E., MULLER, E. et al., KILBORN, V.A., KORIBALSKI, B.S. & SPEKKENS, K. "The Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey: precursor observations of the NGC 628 group". MNRAS, 371, 1617-1640 (2006).

BEN BEKHTI, N., BR√úNS, C., KERP, J. & WESTMEIER, T. "Physical properties of two compact high-velocity clouds possibly associated with the leading arm of the Magellanic system". A&A, 457, 917-926 (2006).

*BIGNALL, H.E., MACQUART, J.-P., JAUNCEY, D.L., LOVELL, J.E.J., TZIOUMIS, A.K. & KEDZIORA-CHUDCZER, L. "Rapid interstellar scintillation of PKS 1257-326: two-station pattern time delays and constraints on scattering and microarcsecond source structure". ApJ, 652, 1050-1058 (2006).

*BLUM, R.D., MOULD, J.R., OLSEN, K.A., .... STAVELEY-SMITH, L. et al. "Spitzer SAGE survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud. II. Evolved stars and infrared color-magnitude diagrams". AJ, 132, 2034-2045 (2006).

*BOLATTO, A.D., SIMON, J.D., STANIMIROVIC, S., VAN LOON, J. Th., SHAH, R.Y., VENN, K., LEROY, A.K., SANDSTROM, K., JACKSON, J.M., ISRAEL, F.P., LI, A., STAVELEY-SMITH, L., BOT., C., BOULANGER, F. & RUBIO, M. "The Spitzer Survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud: S3MC imaging and photometry in the mid- and far-infrared wave bands". ApJ, 655, 212-232 (2007)

*BOUCHARD, A., JERJEN, H., DA COSTA, G.S. & OTT, J. "Interstellar medium disruption in the Centaurus A group". AJ, 133, 261-269 (2007)

*BUDDING, E., BEMBRICK, C., CARTER, B., ERKAN, N., JARDINE, M., MARSDEN, S., OSTEN, R., PETIT, P., SEMEL, M., SLEE., O.B. & WAITE, I. "Multisite, multiwavelength studies of the active cool binary CC Eri". Astrophys. Space Sci., 304, 13-16 (2006).

BURGAY, M., REA, N., ISRAEL, G.L., POSSENTI, A., BURDERI, L., DI SALVO, T., D'AMICO, N. & STELLA, L. "Search for radio pulsations in four anomalous X-ray pulsars and discovery of two new pulsars". MNRAS, 372, 410-416 (2006).

*BUYLE, P., MICHIELSEN, D., DE RIJCKE, S., OTT. J. & DEJONGHE, H. "The CO content of the Local Group dwarf irregular galaxies IC 152, UGCA 438 and the Phoenix dwarf". MNRAS, 373, 793-798 (2006).

CASTELLETTI, G., DUBNER, G., GOLAP, K. & GOSS, W.M. "New VLA observations of the SNR Puppis A: the radio properties and the correlation with the X-ray emission" A&A, 459, 535-544 (2006).

*CHENGALUR, J.N., PUSTILNIK, S.A., MARTIN, J.-M. & KNIAZEV, A.Y. "HI in extremely metal deficient galaxies. III. Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope observations of blue compact galaxy HS 0822+3542". MNRAS, 371, 1849-1854 (2006).

*CORONGIU, A., POSSENTI, A., LYNE, A.G., MANCHESTER, R.N., CAMILO, F., D'AMICO, N. & SARKISSIAN, J.M. "Timing of millisecond pulsars in NGC 6752. II. Proper motions of the pulsars in the cluster outskirts". ApJ, 653, 1417-1422 (2006).

CRAWFORD, F., ROBERTS, M.S.E., HESSELS, J.W.T. et al. "A survey of 56 midlatitude EGRET error boxes for radio pulsars". ApJ, 652, 1499-1507 (2006).

*D'ODORICO, V., VIEL, M., SAITTA, F., CRISTIANI, S., BIANCHI, S., BOYLE, B., LOPEZ, S., MAZA, J. & OUTRAM, P. "Tomography of the intergalactic medium with Ly forests in close QSO pairs". MNRAS, 372, 1333-1344 (2006).

*DAHLEM, M., LISENFELD, U. & ROSSA, J. "Dependence of radio halo properties on star formation activity and galaxy mass". A&A, 457, 121-131 (2006).

DOYLE, M.T. & DRINKWATER, M.J. "The effect of local galaxy surface density on star formation for HI selected galaxies". MNRAS, 372, 977-991 (2006).

*EDWARDS, R.T., HOBBS, G.B. & MANCHESTER, R.N. "TEMPO2, a new pulsar-timing package. II. The timing model and precision estimates". MNRAS, 372, 1549-1574 (2006).

FERRARI, C., HUNSTEAD, R.W., FERETTI, L., MAUROGORDATO, S. & SCHINDLER, S. "ATCA observations of the galaxy cluster Abell 3921. I. Radio emission from the central merging sub-clusters". A&A, 457, 21-34 (2006).

*FEY, A.L., OJHA, R., QUICK, J.F., NICOLSON, G.D., LOVELL, J.E.J., REYNOLDS, J.E., ELLINGSEN, S.P., McCULLOCH, P.M., JOHNSTON, K.J., JAUNCEY, D.L. & TZIOUMIS, A.K. "Milliarcsecond-accurate astrometry of 34 southern hemisphere radio sources". AJ, 132, 1944-1949 (2006).

*FINE, S., CROOM, S.M., MILLER, L., BABIC, A., MOORE, D., BREWER, B., SHARP, R.G., BOYLE, B.J. et al. "The evolution of host mass and black hole mass in quasi-stellar objects from the 2dF QSO Redshift Survey". MNRAS, 373, 613-622 (2006).

*GARAY, G., BROOKS, K.J., MARDONES, D. & NORRIS, R.P. "A multiwavelength study of young massive star-forming regions. I. The ionized gas content". ApJ, 651, 914-932 (2006).

*GREEN, A.J., MURPHY, T., CAMPBELL-WILSON, D., KESTEVEN, M.J., & BUNTON, J.D. "New galactic ISM results and progress towards low frequency spectroscopy ". In: Long Wavelength Astrophysics: 26th meeting of the IAU, Joint Discussion 12, Prague, Czech Republic, 21 August 2006, JD12#5 (2006).

GROSSI, M., DISNEY, M.J., PRITZL, B.J. et al. "Star formation history and evolution of gas-rich dwarf galaxies in the Centaurus A group". MNRAS, 374, 107-130 (2007)

*HAVERKORN, M., GAENSLER, B.M., McCLURE-GRIFFITHS, N.M., DICKEY, J.M. & GREEN, A.J. "The Southern Galactic Plane Survey: polarized radio continuum observations and analysis". ApJS, 167, 230-238 (2006).

*JENET, F.A., HOBBS, G.B., VAN STRATEN, W., MANCHESTER, R.N., BAILES, M., VERBIEST, J.P., EDWARDS, R.T., HOTAN, A.W., SARKISSIAN, J.M. & ORD, S.M. "Upper bounds on the low-frequency stochastic gravitational wave background from pulsar timing observations: current limits and future prospects". ApJ, 653, 1571-1576 (2006).

*JOHNSTON, S., KRAMER, M., LORIMER, D.R., LYNE, A.G., McLAUGHLIN, M., KLEIN, B. & MANCHESTER, R.N. "Discovery of two pulsars towards the Galactic Centre". MNRAS, 373, L6-L10 (2006).

JONES, P.A., CUNNINGHAM, M.R., GODFREY, P.D. & CRAGG. D.M. "A search for biomolecules in Sagittarius B2 (LMH) with the Australia Telescope Compact Array". MNRAS, 374, 579-589 (2007)

*KNIGHT, H.S., BAILES, M., MANCHESTER, R.N. & ORD, S.M. "A study of giant pulses from PSR J1824-2452A". ApJ, 653, 580-586 (2006).

*KRAMER, M., STAIRS, I.H., MANCHESTER, R.N., McLAUGHLIN, M.A., LYNE, A.G., FERDMAN, R.D., BURGAY, M., LORIMER, D.R., POSSENTI, A., D'AMICO, N., SARKISSIAN, J.M., HOBBS, G.B., REYNOLDS, J.E., FREIRE, P.C. & CAMILO, F. "Tests of general relativity from timing the double pulsar". Science, 314, 97-102 (2006).

LOMMEN, D., WRIGHT, C.M., MADDISON, S.T. et al. "Investigating grain growth in disks around southern T Tauri stars at millimetre wavelengths". A&A, 462, 211-220 (2007)

*LORIMER, D.R., FAULKNER, A.J., LYNE, A.G., MANCHESTER, R.N., KRAMER, M., McLAUGHLIN, M.A., HOBBS, G. et al. "The Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey. VI. Discovery and timing of 142 pulsars and a Galactic population analysis". MNRAS, 372, 777-800 (2006).

LYNE, A.G. "The double-pulsar binary J0737-3039". Advances in Space Research, 38, 2716-2720 (2006).

*MANCHESTER, R.N. "Binary and millisecond radio pulsars". Advances in Space Research, 38, 2709-2715 (2006).

*McCLURE-GRIFFITHS, N.M., DICKEY, J.M., GAENSLER, B.M., GREEN, A.J. & HAVERKORN, M. "Magnetically dominated strands of cold hydrogen in the Riegel-Crutcher cloud". ApJ, 652, 1339-1347 (2006).

*MEYER, M.J., ZWAAN, M.A., WEBSTER, R.L., BROWN, M.J. & STAVELEY-SMITH, L. "The weak clustering of gas-rich galaxies". ApJ, 654, 702-713 (2007)

*NORRIS, R.P., AFONSO, J., APPLETON, P.N., BOYLE, B.J., CILIEGI, P., CROOM, S.M., HUYNH, M.T., JACKSON, C.A., KOEKEMOER, A.M., LONSDALE, C.J., MIDDELBERG, E., MOBASHER, B., OLIVER, S.J., POLLETTA, M., SIANA, B.D., SMAIL, I. & VORONKOV, M.A. "Deep ATLAS radio observations of the Chandra Deep Field-South/Spitzer Wide-Area Infrared Extragalactic Field". AJ, 132, 2409-2423 (2006).

*PALADINO, R., MURGIA, M., HELFER, T.T., WONG, T., EKERS, R.D., BLITZ, L., GREGORINI, L. & MOSCADELLI, L. "Thermal and non-thermal components of the interstellar medium at sub-kiloparsec scales in galaxies". A&A, 456, 847-859 (2006).

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*STANIMIROVIC, S., PUTMAN, M., HEILES, C., PEEK, J.E., GOLDSMITH, P.F., KOO, B.-C., KRCO, M., LEE, J.-J., MOCK, J., MULLER, E. et al. "First results from the Arecibo Galactic HI Survey: the disk/halo interface region in the outer Galaxy". ApJ, 653, 1210-1225 (2006).

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*TSAREVSKY, G. et al. "Project ASTRAL: all-sky space telescope to record afterglow locations". In: "Exploring the Cosmic Frontier: Astrophysical Instruments for the 21st Century", 17-21 May 2004, Berlin, Germany, ESO Astrophysics Symposia, 115-116 (2006).

*TUDOSE, V., FENDER, R.P., KAISER, C.R., TZIOUMIS, A.K., VAN DER KLIS, M. & SPENCER, R.E. "The large-scale jet-powered radio nebula of Circinus X-1". MNRAS, 372, 417-424 (2006).

URQUHART, J.S., BUSFIELD, A.L., HOARE, M.G., et al. "The RMS survey. Radio observations of candidate massive YSOs in the southern hemisphere". A&A, 461, 11-23 (2007)

*VORONKOV, M., BROOKS, K.J., SOBOLEV, A.M., ELLINGSEN, S.P., OSTROVSKII, A.B. & CASWELL, J.L. "Class I methanol masers in the outflow of IRAS 16 547-4247". MNRAS, 373, 411-424 (2006).

WAJIMA, K., BIGNALL, H.E., KOBAYASHI, H., HIRABAYASHI, H., MURATA, Y., EDWARDS, P.G., TSUBOI, M. & FUJISAWA, K. "Intraday variability feature and milliarcsecond-scale structure in PKS 1622-297". J. Korean Phys. Soc., 49, 1851-1855 (2006).

*WALTER, F., MARTIN, C.L. & OTT, J. "Extended star formation and molecular gas in the tidal arms near NGC 3077". AJ, 132, 2289-2295 (2006).

*WONG, O.I., RYAN-WEBER, E.V., GARCIA-APPADOO, D.A., WEBSTER, R.L., STAVELEY-SMITH, L., ZWAAN, M.A., MEYER, M.J., BARNES, D.G., KILBORN, V.A., BHATHAL, R., DE BLOK, W.J., DISNEY, M.J., DOYLE, M.T., DRINKWATER, M.J., EKERS, R.D. et al. "The Northern HIPASS catalogue: data presentation, completeness and reliability measures". MNRAS, 371, 1855-1864 (2006).