ATNF Work Experience Programs

The Australia Telescope National Facility offers high school students in year 10 in the local area the opportunity to gain some experience in the workplace. The placement of work experience students must be negotiated through the school as part of a recognised work-experience program. 

Work experience students at the ATNF spend one week at the Australia Telescope Compact Array, located near Narrabri in North-West NSW. There is no work experience available at our Marsfield site in Sydney, or the Parkes Observatory, or the ASKAP site in Western Australia.

Further information on the work experience program for High School students at the Narrabri Observatory is here.

Please note that this information does not apply to university students. Undergraduate students who have completed three or more years of undergraduate study may be interested in the CSIRO ATNF Summer Vacation Program


Page last updated: 17-jan-2017 pm