Using Authentic Data in Astronomy Classes

This page was originally written to provide a ready reference and quick starting point for participants in the Using Authentic Data in Astronomy workshop at CONASTA 59, Sydney, Session AB (11.10 - 13.15 Monday 5th July 2010) at UTS. It was updated in July 2011 for the session: Astromining: Using Astronomy Datasets to Develop Critical Inquiry Skills at CONASTA 60 in Darwin. It includes links to all the projects and sites discussed in these practical session plus more.
The CONASTA 59 workshop handout is available to download as a Word .docx or a PDF.
The updated handout for the Astromining workshop at CONASTA 60 is also available as a Word.docx or a PDF.


Data Sources and Other Projects

Zooniverse Projects

Image Processing & Analysis

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