This section will include details about many of the activities developed and used by partner schools. At present the material contained here is still being developed and so should not be regarded as polished or complete. Some material being tested maybe password protected and may only be viewed by project partners. These items are labelled as such.

The activities listed below are some ideas to get you started. Some are linked to more detailed descriptions on separate pages.

Observational Activities

Solar Observations

Credit: NASA

Lunar & Night time Observations

Credit: Anthony Whelan
  • Moon journal
  • How far is the Moon?
  • Zodiacal light
  • Observing the moons of Jupiter
  • How many stars are there?
  • Constellations and star patterns
  • Using the CSU Remote Telescope
  • Simple astrophotography
  • Light Pollution (including the international Globe at Night activity during March 2007)

Classroom Activities

Credit: Mike Bessell
The Jewel Box cluster
  • Scale models of the Solar System
  • Scale models of the planets
  • Moon craters
  • Collecting micrometeorites
  • Introductory astronomical image processing
  • Planning a viewing night
  • What's up tonight?