Sport in Space Competition Results

We are delighted to announce the results of our Sport in Space Competition during National Science Week 2004. Entries were received from across Australia. The winners and runners up in each category are listed below. If you would like to read the winning entries, please click on their titles to view their entries which have been adapted for the web.

Primary Category

Students wrote an illustrated story describing a sport being played somewhere in the Solar System.


Jesse Webb-Smith, Rollo's Big Year Out, Geraldton Grammar School, WA.

Runners Up

Daniel Bochenek, The Olympic Games, 2040, St Leonard’s Primary School, TAS.

Michelle Schaake, Golf on Mars, Woodcroft Primary School, SA.

Junior Secondary Category

Students designed a sport to take advantage of the conditions somewhere in the Solar System.


Nichola Farnan & Aliki George, Moon Diving, Telopea Park School, ACT.

Runners Up

Samantha Bobba & Deborah Mak, Bubblebash – the sport played on Mars, Lyneham High School, ACT.

Luke Foulds & Benjamin Bulluss, Asteroid Ball, Lyneham High School, ACT.

Chi Kit So, Vertigo, Telopea Park School, ACT.

Senior Secondary Category

Students investigated how a sport could be played elsewhere in the Solar System.


Hsu-Lynn Lee, Martian Dry Ice Skiing, Telopea Park School, ACT.

Runner Up

Vesal Akbari-Yazdi and Rainis Tebecis, Lunar Basketball, Telopea Park School, ACT.

Congratulations to our winners and all those who took part. Many of the entries are now on display at the Visitors Centre, Parkes Observatory.