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This is my old personal page at CSIRO.

I have now moved to the Cagliary Astronomical Observatory, INAF, Italy (see new personal page).


Main projects

as PI:
MeerKAT Fornax Survey – Deep HI and radio continuum survey of the Fornax cluster using MeerKAT.
Westerbork Coma Survey – Blind HI survey of the central region of the Coma cluster and the in-falling south-west group.
as co-I:
ATLAS3D – Multi-wavelength survey of a volume-limited sample of 260 nearby early-type galaxies.
HALOGAS – Deep HI survey of nearby spiral galaxies looking for their neutral gas halo with the WSRT.
Bluedisk – HI survey of SDSS spiral galaxies with a blue outer disc.
WALLABY – All-sky HI survey with the Australia SKA Pathfinder.


SoFiA source finder for 3D spectral line data. Available on GitHub and at the Astrophysics Source Code Library.


Selected publications

  • Giese, van der Hulst, Serra & Oosterloo (2016), Non-parametric estimation of morphological lopsidedness, MNRAS, accepted, arXiv:1606.07387
  • Wang, Koribalski, Serra et al. (2016), New lessons from the HI size-mass relation of galaxies, MNRAS, 460, 2143
  • Serra, Oosterloo, Cappellari, den Heijer & Józsa (2016), Linear relation between HI circular velocity and stellar velocity
     dispersion in early-type galaxies, and slope of the density profiles
    , MNRAS, 460, 1382
  • Wang, Serra et al. (2015), An HI View of Galaxy Conformity: HI-rich Environment around HI-excess Galaxies, MNRAS, 453, 2399
  • Serra, Koribalski, Kilborn et al. (2015), ASKAP HI imaging of the galaxy group IC 1459, MNRAS, 452, 2680
  • den Heijer, Oosterloo, Serra et al. (2015), The HI Tully-Fisher relation of early-type galaxies, A&A, 581, 98
  • Yildiz, Serra et al. (2015), Star formation in the outer regions of the early type galaxy NGC 4203, MNRAS, 451, 4622
  • Serra, Westmeier, Giese et al. (2015), SoFiA: a flexible source finder for 3D spectral line data, MNRAS, 448, 1922
  • Young, Scott, Serra et al. (2014), The ATLAS3D project - XXVII. Cold gas and the colours and ages of early-type galaxies, MNRAS, 444, 3408
  • Serra, Oser, Krajnovic et al. (2014), The ATLAS3D project - XXVI. HI discs in real and simulated fast and slow rotators, MNRAS, 444, 3388
  • Wang, Kauffmann, Jozsa, Serra et al. (2013), The Bluedisks project, a study of unusually HI-rich galaxies: I. HI Sizes and Morphology, MNRAS, 433, 270
  • Gentile, Jozsa, Serra et al. (2013), HALOGAS: Extraplanar gas in NGC 3198, A&A, 554, 125
  • Serra, Koribalski, Duc et al. (2013), Discovery of a giant HI tail in the galaxy group HCG 44, MNRAS, 428, 370
  • Serra, Oosterloo, Morganti et al. (2012), The ATLAS3D project - XIII. Mass and morphology of HI in early-type galaxies as a function of environment, MNRAS, 422, 1835
  • Serra, Jurek & Floer (2012), Using negative detections to estimate source finder reliability, PASA, 29, 296
  • Duc, Cuillandre, Serra et al. (2011), The ATLAS3D project - IX. The merger origin of a fast- and a slow-rotating early-type galaxy revealed with deep optical imaging: first results, MNRAS, 417, 863
  • Khochfar, Emsellem, Serra et al. (2011), The ATLAS3D project - VIII. Modelling the formation and evolution of fast and slow rotator early-type galaxies within LCDM, MNRAS, 417, 845
  • Cappellari, Emsellem, Krajnovic, McDermid, Serra et al. (2011), The ATLAS3D project - VII. A new look at the morphology of nearby galaxies: the kinematic morphology-density relation, MNRAS, 416, 1680
  • Heald, Jozsa, Serra et al. (2011), The Westerbork Hydrogen Accretion in LOcal GAlaxieS (HALOGAS) survey. I. Survey description and pilot observations, A&A, 526, 118
  • Serra & Oosterloo (2010), Cold gas and young stars in tidally disturbed ellipticals at z = 0, MNRAS, 401L, 29
  • Donovan, Serra et al. (2009), ESO 381 - 47: An Early-Type Galaxy with Extended H I and a Star-Forming Ring, AJ, 137, 5037
  • Serra, Trager, Oosterloo & Morganti (2008), Stellar populations, neutral hydrogen, and ionised gas in field early-type galaxies, A&A, 483, 57
  • Serra & Trager (2007), On the interpretation of the age and chemical composition of composite stellar populations determined with line-strength indices, MNRAS, 374, 769
  • Serra, Trager et al. (2006), IC 4200: a gas-rich early-type galaxy formed via a major merger, A&A, 453, 493


Find here a list of all my refereed publications.


last updated 25 June 2016
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