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Shari Breen

Dr Shari L Breen
CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science
PO Box 76, Epping NSW 1710
Ph: 02 9372 4325
Email: shari[dot]breen[at]

Research Interests

I am an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow at CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science's Australia Telescope National Facility. My research interests focus on differnt types of maser emission, especially towards high-mass star formation regions within our Galaxy and both the LMC and SMC. I am especially interested in using the different types of masers to trace the evolution of high-mass star formation.

I am a key member of several large surveys for masers and other star formation tracers including the Methanol Multibeam survey (MMB; complete search of the Galactic plane for 6.7GHz methanol masers) SPLASH (the Southern Parkes Large-Area Survey in Hydroxyl), the MALT90 survey of molecular lines near 90GHz and HOPS (H2O southern Galactic Plane Survey).


A full list of my refereed publications can be found here.
The images below have been extracted from some of my publications and link directly to the papers they appear in.