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2 May 2014

Director General of the Square Kilometre Array, Professor Phil Diamond, visited Australia this week, dropping in to the Geraldton and Sydney offices of CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS) for an update on ASKAP progress.

Professor Diamond first visited the MRO Support Facility in Geraldton, Western Australia, to catch up with the staff and discuss ASKAP activities at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO).

During a visit to the CASS headquarters in Marsfield (Sydney), he was involved in discussions about the successful commissioning activities underway with BETA (Boolardy Engineering Test Array) the first six ASKAP antennas to be installed with Mk I phased array feed (PAF) receivers and their associated digital systems including the recent spectral line data cube.

This was followed with a 'PAF tour', including a visit to the shielded room where Mk II PAF testing activities are underway, as well as an overview of the digital backend for the Mk II PAF, currently being put through its paces in preparation for deployment to the MRO.

Professor Diamond then capped off his visit to Sydney with a public lecture at the Sydney Observatory on Friday evening.

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