Australia - Japan Collaborative Workshops
Funded under the International Collaboration Project of the
MNRF Program

Proposer: M Bessell


This project aims to promote contact and collaboration between Australian and Japanese astronomers. In the past year there have been a number of joint discussions held on the best ways of fostering collaboration, together with some visits by Japanese observers to Australian optical astronomy facilities. Dr M Bessell attended the opening of the Japanese SUBARU astronomy facility in Hilo, Hawaii and, in the course of the opening, had discussions with Japanese counterparts. Professors Ando and Kajino, together with students from their respective institutions in Japan, travelled to Australia to use the Anglo-Australian Telescope and the 74 inch MSSSO telescope. Further visits by senior Japanese astronomers are planned in the next year, and Australian participation in a week-long scientific conference at the SUBARU facility is envisaged.

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