HI Peak Temperature Image of the Large Magellanic Cloud

Kim, Staveley-Smith, Dopita, Freeman, Sault, Kesteven & McConnell 1998, ApJ, 503, 674.
(other references)

The HI peak temperature image of the LMC is a result of an ATCA aperture synthesis mosaic of 1344 pointing centres. The total area covered is 11x12 degrees, and the image is centred on RA 05:20:00, Dec -68:44:00 (J2000) and has a pixel increment of 40 arcsec. The image is in SIN projection, and has units of Kelvin. This image is made without zero-spacing observations, and thus lacks sensitivity to structure with size scale greater than 0.6 degree. For more information on data reduction and image processing, see the above paper. Download the 3.6 MB fits file here, or hold the right mouse button and chose "Save Link As" option.

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Lister Staveley-Smith

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