Masers and Star Formation


To study the properties of maser sources, and use them to understand the processes of star formation. This includes studying maser emission at other wavelengths, and continuum emission at radio, optical, and infrared wavelengths, from these sources.



  • James Caswell (project coordinator)
  • Maxim Voronkov
  • Jimi Green
  • Shari Breen
  • John Reynolds

External Collaborators

  • Gary Fuller, University of Manchester, (Jodrell Bank Observatory)
  • Busaba Hutawarakorn Kramer, MPIfR Bonn
  • Rick Forster, University of California, Berkeley (BIMA)
  • Dinah Cragg, Monash University
  • Andrej Sobolev, Ural State University
  • Simon Ellingsen, University of Tasmania
  • Specific Projects and Some Key Publications:

    • Catalogues and Surveys for new masers
      • Green J.A., et al. 2010 MNRAS, 4??, ???
      • Caswell J.L., et al. 2010 MNRAS, 404, 1029
      • Caswell J.L., et al. 2009 PASA, 26, 454
      • quite a few not yet entered on this list
      • Caswell J.L., 2001 MNRAS, 326, 805
      • Forster J.R., Caswell J.L., 1999 A&AS, 137, 43
      • Caswell J.L., 1998, MNRAS 297, 215
      • Caswell J.L., Yi J., Booth R.S., Cragg D.M., 2000 MNRAS 313, 599
      • Caswell J.L., Vaile R.A., Ellingsen S.P., Whiteoak J.B., Norris R.P. 1995 MNRAS 272, 96
    • Studies of selected sources in OH, methanol, radio continuum, infrared
      • Caswell J.L., Hutawarakorn Kramer B., Sukom A. Reynolds J.E., 2010
      • Caswell J.L., Hutawarakorn Kramer B., Reynolds J.E., 2001 MNRAS 2009
      • Forster J.R., Caswell J.L., 2000 ApJ 530, 371
      • Caswell J.L., 1997 MNRAS 289 203
    • Are methanol masers in circumstellar disks?
      • Norris R.P. et al. 1998 ApJ 508, 275
    • Studies of variability and polarisation
      • Caswell J.L., Vaile R.A., Ellingsen S.P., 1995 PASA 12, 37
    • Interpretation of multi transition studies
      • Cragg D.M., Sobolev A.M., Godfrey P.D., 2002  MNRAS, 331, 521
      • Cragg D.M., Sobolev A.M., Ellingsen S.P., Caswell J.L., Godfrey P.D.,Salii S.V., Dodson R.G., 2001  MNRAS, 323, 929
    • Millimetre observations of molecular lines from maser host sources
    • VLBI Proper motion studies

    Other Maser Research Projects

    Similar maser projects in the northern hemisphere are conducted by the research team at the Jodrell Bank Observatory of the University of Manchester, UK

    A joint project with JBO to conduct a new methanol survey of the whole Galactic plane is now underway, which has entailed the contruction of a 7-beam receiver that can be used on both the Parkes 64m telescope and the JBO Lovell upgraded telescope.  See /technology/future on the ATNF web page.