Space and Astronomy Publications and Acknowledgments

Advice for National Facility Users

Users of the Australia Telescope National Facility are required to acknowledge the Australia Telescope National Facility in any publications resulting from use of ATNF facilities. See the CASS Publications Acknowledgement Statements.

Please send publications information, for any publications that include data taken with ATNF facilities, but do not include CSIRO authors, directly to Amanda Gray (Amanda.Gray [at]

Where possible, authors are requested to one or more terms such as 'Australia Telescope Compact Array', 'Parkes radio telescope', 'Mopra radio telescope, 'ASKAP' in the ABSTRACT of their papers. This is to facilitate electronic searches for publications.

Additional Advice for Space and Astronomy Staff and Students

All staff and students should refer to the Space and Astronomy Publications Policy.

All publications that include an author with CSIRO as their affiliation should be entered into the CSIRO ePublish system. One CSIRO author (only) should take responsibility for entering, and updating, information on a paper in ePublish.

For assistance with using ePublish, please contact the Space and Astronomy Publications Officer, Amanda Gray (Marsfield). Once a paper has been entered, Amanda can track the paper through the system and provide updates to the publications information where needed.

For instructions on using ePublish and for information relevant to Space and Astronomy staff, please see Getting Started in ePublish.

Publication Lists

The following are lists of publications which include data taken with ATNF facilities or include Space and Astronomy (or, previously, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science) staff members. Papers which include one or more ATNF staff are indicated by an asterisk. In the following lists:

  • C: includes ATCA data
  • P: includes Parkes data
  • M: include Mopra data
  • T: includes Tidbinbilla data
  • V: includes Long Baseline Array data
  • S: ASKAP or SKA-related paper
  • O: Other papers (that include ATNF staff)