Magellanic Cloud HI emission spectra

This utility plots HI emission spectra from recent Compact Array and Parkes HI surveys of the Small Magellanic Cloud (centred on 0101-7256, with 4.5ox4.5o coverage) and the Large Magellanic Cloud (0520-6844, with a 10ox12o coverage). Screen plots, postscript files and ascii dumps are supported. When the data are used in a publication, please mention the ATNF publication byline and reference the appropriate papers (Staveley-Smith et al 1997 for the SMC ATCA-only data; Stanimirovic et al. 1998 for the SMC ATCA+Parkes data; Kim et al. 1998 for the LMC ATCA-only data; and Staveley-Smith et al. 2003 and Kim et al. 2003 for the LMC ATCA+Parkes data). All spectra are presented in units of brightness temperature (Kelvin). HI column density in atoms/ is calculated by summing the temperature values over the velocity range of interest and multiplying by 1.65 x 1.823E18. The velocity spacing in all datasets is 1.65 km/s.

The ATCA-only datasets are generally not recommended as they are insensitive to structures larger than about 0.6 deg, and cannot be used for any purposes where absolute column densities are required. Negative flux in ATCA-only spectra is usually caused by sidelobes, not absorption.

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