Space and Astronomy Student Program: university supervision

Space and Astronomy staff appreciate the opportunity to work with university students and staff on projects that lead to honours, masters or PhD degrees. Traditionally, students spend most of their time at their university with approximately one or two days per week spent at CSIRO. It is usual for both the CSIRO and university supervisors to take an active and equal role in the student supervision, but it is also possible for the CSIRO supervisor to concentrate on data taking and analysis parts of the project or, for projects based on the CSIRO supervisor's research, for the student to spend a majority of time working with the CSIRO supervisor.

The student gains various benefits for being part of the Space and Astronomy student program. Such benefits are listed here and include travel support and the possibility for applying for CSIRO-based top-up scholarships.

If you have a student who wishes to apply to become part of the Space and Astronomy student program then contact the student coordinator.

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