CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Student Program: how to join

  • Step 1: contact a CASS staff member to discuss your research interests and ask them about the possibility of co-supervising your honours, masters of PhD degree.
  • Step 2: ensure that you meet the university requirements (if you haven't chosen a university yet then discuss possible options with the CASS staff member)
  • Step 3: go through the requirements and benefits of being part of the program with both your university and CASS supervisors.
  • Step 4: download the relevent application form (see below)
  • Step 5: fill in the application form. There's a section for you, one for your university supervisor and one for your CASS supervisor.
  • Step 6: email the completed form to the CASS student coordinator.


The CASS student coordinator will then check your application and may request more details. When ready the student coordinator will sign the application form and pass it to the head of the astronomy group and the head of CASS for their signatures. When completed you will be officially a student member as soon as you start your project. It is possible to join the program part-way through your project, but we recommend applying a month or two before you expect to start your project.

Note that you will not officially be a CSIRO staff member and therefore you must ensure that your university/institute will insure you against accidents whilst using our facilities. Your university will remain legally responsible for the students welfare and progress.


Application forms

We have recently updated these forms. Please refresh your browser if you have used the older version before.

  • PhD at Australian university: doc|pdf
  • PhD at overseas university: doc|pdf
  • Masters at Australian university: doc|pdf
  • Honours at Australian university: doc|pdf


For other projects (such as "masters at an overseas university") please contact the student coordinator.


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