CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Student Program: problems

Many issues relating to being a co-supervised student can be solved by talking with your CASS or university supervisors. If you do not wish to do this then look at the list of available CASS contacts (see contacts page).

Students should report any issues to both their university supervisor and their CSIRO co-supervisor. 

CSIRO is committed to provide a healthy and safe work environment through eliminating and preventing all forms of workplace discrimination and bullying. CSIRO:

  • will not tolerate workplace bullying;
  • will not tolerate discrimination – direct or indirect; 
  • is committed to the prevention of bullying and discrimination in the workplace;
  • is committed to providing support to staff impacted by bullying and discrimination;
  • requires staff to report any incidents of workplace bullying; and
  • will provide staff with education about appropriate behaviour in the workplace.


The CSIRO policy and procedure documents below identify behaviours that may constitute discrimination or bullying, sets out roles and responsibilities of staff and managers and deals with issues relating to the ways in which reports may be made and will be addressed. All students and supervisors should be familiar with the following:


CSIRO has Equity and Diversity Contact Officers available to assist any individual who believes that they have witnessed an incident, or been subjected to, inappropriate behaviours, including harassment or discrimination. The following people relating to CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science may be contacted:

Vicki and Malte are there to listen to staff concerns, and advise on the appropriate actions and procedures that should be followed, as well as advise the Leadership Team of issues with existing procedures and practices.  Patricia is the on-site CASS Human Resources advisor and you can speak to her if you have any HR issues at all.

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