ATNF Summer Vacation Student Symposium

Thursday 9 February 2006

Marsfield Lecture Theatre, 9.15 am to 12.30 pm

Teleconference Extension #4613

Time Speaker Topic
09:15 Chenni Shettigara Opening of the Symposium
  Chair: Lewis Mitchell Session 1
09:20 Group 1 Observing trip report
09:30 Group 2 Observing trip report
09:40 Rachel Poldy Radio Frequency Interference and Interferometry
10:00 Chenni Shettigara Placing limits on gravitational waves using pulsar timing
10.20 Coffee break outside Lecture Theatre  
  Chair: Rachel Poldy Session 2
10.50 Chris Easton Characterisation of microwave absorber at cryogenic temperatures
11:10 Shari Breen Investigating the black hole at the centre of the Galaxy NGC3079
11:30 Lewis Mitchell The energy distribution of pulses from millisecond pulsars
11:50 Thanh Pham Analysis of the Radio Frequency Spectrum of the Australian SKA Site
12:10 K. P. Shiva Shankar Yadav The Passive Antenna
12:30 BBQ Lunch in the courtyard for students, supervisors and other invited staff