ATNF Summer Vacation Student Symposium

Thursday 8 February 2007

Marsfield Lecture Theatre, 9.15 am to 12.30 pm

Teleconference Dial-in Number: 02 6214 3361
If dialling in from within CSIRO please dial 0 for an outside line before the full number

Time Speaker Topic
09:15 Kate Randall Opening of the Symposium
  Chair: Sheila Kanani Session 1
09:20 Group 1 observing trip report Monitoring the multi-wavelength temporal variability of PKS 0637-752
09:40 Group 2 observing trip report Investigating the origins of the gas halo surrounding NGC 5291
10:00 Tony Whelan Testing of focal plane arrays for use in the xNTD
10:20 Chris Lustri Searching for pulsars in Supernova 1987A
10.40 Coffee break outside Lecture Theatre  
  Chair: Tony Whelan Session 2
11.10 Dilini De Silva ATCA Antenna Drive System review
11:30 Kate Randall Studying the properties of Intra-Day Variable sources
11:50 James McGeachin Advanced algorithms for monitoring radio telescope arrays
12:10 Sheila Kanani Detecting Earth-mass planets in pulsar timing data
12:30 BBQ Lunch in the courtyard for students, supervisors and other invited staff