ATNF/AAO Summer Vacation Student Symposium

Thursday 7 February 2008

Marsfield Lecture Theatre, 9.00 am to 1.30 pm

Teleconference Dial-in Number: 02 6214 3361
If dialling in from within CSIRO please dial 0 for an outside line before the full number

Time Speaker Topic
09:00 Minnie Mao Opening of the Symposium
  Chair: Matt Carr Session 1
09:05 Vikram Ravi Glitches and timing noise in young pulsars
09:20 Emily Brumsden Supernova 2001ig - The search for a surviving companion
09:35 Abhinay Mukunthan High resolution software spectrometer
09:50 Andrew Kels Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Fundamental Plane
10:05 Observing Trip Team1: Team Girls PKS 0058-507, two interacting head-tail galaxies?
10.20 - 10:30 Coffee break outside Lecture Theatre
  Chair: Emily Brunsden Session 2
10.30 Minnie Mao Finding the first black holes in the Universe
10:45 Matt Carr PULSE@Parkes development
11:00 Madusha LP Gunawardhana tba
11:15 Eranthie De Silva VLBI data switch
11:30 Observing Trip Team 2: VAM The search of the century - a work in progress
11:45 - 11:55 Coffee break outside Lecture Theatre
  Chair: Vikram Ravi Session 3
11:55 Observing Trip Team 3: Mini_Chris Curious Emanations: Spiral Galaxies with Radio Jets
12:10 Anne-Marie Brick Shocks and methanol masers
12:25 Christoph Brem Radio frequency interference web tool enhancements
12:40 Anita Titmarsh Unravelling the spiral structure of the inner Milky Way
12:55 Silvie Ngo Formation of low mass galaxies in clusters
13:10 ATNF & AAO Summer Students Wrap Up and Reflections
13:20 BBQ Lunch in the courtyard for students, supervisors and other invited staff