ATNF/AAO Summer Vacation Student Symposium

Thursday 11 February 2010

Marsfield Lecture Theatre, 9.00 am to 1.40 pm

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Time Speaker Topic
09:00 Mikayla Keen Opening of the Symposium
  Chair: Mikayla Keen Session 1
09:05 Courtney Jones Metallicity of the Hyades and Praesepe clusters:
spectral analysis of ‘solar type’ stars
09:20 Daniel Burdett Intermediate-age star clusters in merger remnant galaxies
09:35 Nyssa Lonsdale Revealing Star Formation Processes in Dwarf Starburst Galaxies
09:50 Jie Lai Zhang The Parentage of Magnetic White Dwarfs:
Implications from their Space Motions
10:05 Craig Burnett NGC3801: the 'odd ball' radio galaxy
10:20 Observing Group Project:
Carlos Sotomayor &
Phoebe de Wilt
Particle Acceleration in the Circinus Galaxy
with CABBeriffic Data
10.35 10:50 Coffee break outside Lecture Theatre
  Chair: Craig Burnett Session 2
10.50 Grant Sinclair Radio Stars and Variability in the ATLAS Field
11:05 Anna Perejma The characterisation and applications
of the photonic lantern in astrophotonics
11:20 Phoebe de Wilt The Environment of High-Mass Star Forming Regions
11:35 Kellie Pearce Discovering new tracers of magnetic fields
in high-mass star forming regions
11:50 Observing Trip Project:
Grant Sinclair, Andrew Cameron
& Joey Seo
A deeper look into the radio spectrum
of the T-type brown dwarf є-Indi Ba
12:05 12:20 Coffee break outside Lecture Theatre
  Chair: Anna Perejma Session 3
12:20 Andrew Cameron Techniques in searching for pulsar-black hole binary systems
12:35 Joey Seo Investigating the Dispersion Measure Variabilities
in Fermi Pulsars
12:50 Carlos Sotomayor Faraday Depths of Compact Array calibration sources
13:05 Mikayla Keen Parkes and Wildlife (sightings of the Elvii)
13:20 Observing Trip Project:
Nyssa Lonsdale, Kellie Pearce
& Craig Burnett
Jetting through the galaxy ESO 295-IG022
13:35 ATNF & AAO Summer Students Wrap Up and Reflections
13:40 BBQ Lunch in the courtyard for students, supervisors and other invited staff



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