Points of Contact for Diversity and Equity issues


If you experience inappropriate workplace behaviour, you are encouraged to be proactive about improving the situation by talking to a trusted colleague. In addition to HR, you can also contact the people listed below for help and advice.

CSIRO Equity Contact Officers

For CSIRO staff, a list of all CSIRO Equity Contact Officers (also known as Diversity and Inclusion Officers) is available on the myCSIRO intranet.

CASS has Equity Contact Officers across our sites:

  • Vicki Drazenovic (Marsfield, NSW)
  • Malte Marquarding (Marsfield, NSW)
  • Jimi Green (Kensington, WA)
  • George Heald (Kensington, WA)
  • Minh Huynh (Kensington, WA)
  • Tom Lees (Parkes, NSW)
  • Ken Reeves (Parkes, NSW)
  • Jamie Stevens (Narrabri, NSW)
  • Leonie Boddington (Geraldton, WA)
  • John Morris (Geraldton & MRO)

Any of the officers can be contacted, regardless of where they are located. Note that the Equity Contact Officer has an obligation to report matters relating to bullying and harassment.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

CSIRO has a 24/7-employee assistance program (EAP) that provides all CSIRO staff and their immediate families with a free, confidential counselling service to provide advice and support for work and non-work related matters. For more information, see the EAP web page on the myCSIRO intranet page.


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