Space and Astronomy Engineering Research


A small group devotes some effort to research in order to advance the mainstream activities of the Space and Astronomy (formerly CSIRO Astornomy and Space Science) Front End and Back End groups.  All are involved in day-to-day engineering and astronomy projects, especially those projects associated with the centimetre receiver upgrade and the next-generation large radio telescope (SKA).

Members, Interests and Projects

Dr Paul Roberts

  • High speed digitisation
  • Data capture and DSP for LunaSKA neutrino detection

Dr Michael Kesteven

  • radio interferometry and astronomy techniques
  • antenna metrology; radio holography
  • on-line computing and telescope control
  • leader of MNRF antenna surface extension project
  • leader of ATNF commercial antenna metrology project

Alex Dunning

  • Amplifier topologies and innovative waveguide structures for radiotelescope receivers