vsib_record just hangs and only a 16byte file is created

Check the following:

  • Power on the VSIC card (are lights glowing)?
  • The connectors on the cable from the VSIC to VSIB are secure
  • The connectors from the DAS to the VSIC are secure

If this fails set the VSIC to mode 6/0110 (test mode) and try recording  again. This will isolate whether the problem is between the DAS and the VSIC or between the VSIC and the recorder. If all else fails check the connectors (including power) are OK inside the VSIC.

vsib_record is constantly complaining about missing 1PPS and restarting the recorder

The clock signal is being corrupted and data is being lost. Check that the DAS, VSIC and PC are all grounded to a common ground with decent thickness wire.

vsib_record only records for a few seconds/minutes

Have you specified the recording time without any time units? E.g. -t 10000 rather than -t 10000s? Without any time units (h, m or s) the recording time is assumed to be in blocks (1msec normally).