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ATNF Staff List

Staff email addresses are [firstname] . [lastname] [at] csiro . au . The extension numbers below are for calls within CSIRO. For calling from outside CSIRO, Marsfield (Sydney) numbers should be preceded by (02) 9372, Narrabri numbers by (02 6790, Parkes numbers by (02) 6861, Geraldton numbers by (08) 9932, and Kensington (Perth) by (08) 6436.

Name Group Site Extension
Graham Allen ASKAP Marsfield x
James Allison Astrophysics Marsfield x
Tony Ambaum Software and Computing Kensington x
Shaun Amy Computing Infrastructure Marsfield x
Craig Anderson Astrophysics Kensington x
Kerry Ardern MRO Marsfield x
Peter Axtens Engineering Marsfield x
Keith Bannister Astrophysics Marsfield x
Mia Baquiran Engineering Marsfield x
Steve Barker Engineering Operations Marsfield x
Harry Basel Engineering Marsfield x
Eric Bastholm ASKAP Kensington x
John Bateman Engineering Operations Narrabri x
Warren Bax CASS Executive Marsfield x
Martin Bell Astrophysics Marsfield x
Ron Beresford ASKAP Marsfield x
Douglas Bock Engineering Marsfield x
Leonie Boddington Observatory Operations Geraldton x
Marie-Louise Bortolazzo Marsfield x
Michael Bourne Research Support Marsfield x
Mark Bowen Engineering Marsfield x
Scott Brady Parkes Observatory Parkes Observatory x
Brayden Briggs National Facility Support Marsfield x
Steve Broadhurst ASKAP Marsfield x
Michael Brothers ASKAP Marsfield x
Andrew Brown Engineering Marsfield x
John Bunton Engineering Marsfield x
Andrew Burkitt Marsfield x
Santiago Castillo Engineering Marsfield x
David Chandler Marsfield x
Tzu-Ching Chang Computing Marsfield x
Jessica Chapman Science Operations Marsfield x
Raji Chekkala Engineering Marsfield x
Yuqing Chen Engineering Marsfield x
Wanxiang Cheng Engineering Marsfield x
Aaron Chippendale Engineering Marsfield x
Kate Chow Astrophysics Marsfield x
Yoon Chung Engineering Marsfield x
Jayde Clayton Observatory Operations Marsfield x
Priscilla Clayton Directors Office Geraldton x
James Cole Narrabri x
Daniel Collins ASKAP Geraldton x
Paul Cooper Research Support Marsfield x
Morgan Cosma Engineering Marsfield x
Tom Cox Engineering Operations Geraldton x
Daniel Craig Computing Infrastructure Marsfield x
Jon Crocker Engineering Operations Parkes x
Philip Crosby Directors Office Marsfield x
Andy D'Amico Research Support Marsfield x
Mary D'Souza Engineering Operations Geraldton x
Shi Dai Astrophysics Marsfield x
Joanne Dawson Astrophysics Marsfield x
Michael Death Engineering Marsfield x
Helga Denes Astrophysics Marsfield x
Xinping Deng Astrophysics Marsfield x
Rochelle Desmond Observatory Operations Geraldton x
Paul Doherty Engineering Marsfield x
Marilyn Drake Operations Kensington x
Vicki Drazenovic Observatory Operations Marsfield x
Peter Dunn Observatory Operations Geraldton x
Alex Dunning Engineering Marsfield x
Elissa Dwyer Research Support Marsfield x
Leanne Edwards Observatory Operations Marsfield x
Philip Edwards Science Operations Marsfield x
Ron Ekers Astrophysics Marsfield x
Troy Elton Engineering Marsfield x
Kevin Ferguson Engineering Operations Kensington x
Dick Ferris Engineering Marsfield x
Kylee Forbes Observatory Operations Narrabri x
Roger Franzen Engineering Marsfield x
Ross Forsyth Engineering Marsfield x
Daniel George Engineering Marsfield x
Amanda Gray Research Support Marsfield x
James Green Science Operations Marsfield x
Michael Grimshaw Parkes Observatory Parkes Observatory x
Marilyn Drake Operations Kensington x
Juan Guzman Software and Computing Kensington x
Grant Hampson Engineering Marsfield x
Carmel Hartmann Operations Marsfield x
James Hannah Engineering Operations Geraldton x
Alex Harding Geraldton/MSF Geraldton x
Lisa Harvey-Smith Science Operations Marsfield x
Craig Haskins Software and Computing Kensington x
Steve Hathway Observatory Operations Geraldton x
Michael Hayes Engineering Marsfield x
Douglas Hayman Engineering Marsfield x
Gregory Haywood Marsfield x
George Heald Astrophysics Kensington x
Gregory Hellbourg Engineering Marsfield x
Ian Heywood Astrophysics Marsfield x
Mike Hill Engineering Operations Narrabri x
Brett Hiscock Engineering Operations Geraldton x
George Hobbs Astrophysics Marsfield x
Robert Hollow Research Support Marsfield x
Shinji Horiuchi Tidbinbilla Tidbinbilla x
Aidan Hotan ASKAP Kensington x
Simon Hoyle Software and Computing Parkes x
Raz Iannello Research Support Marsfield x
Balthasar Indermuehle Science Operations Marsfield x
Suzy Jackson Engineering Operations Geraldton x
Kanapathippillai Jeganathan Engineering Marsfield x
Brian Johnson Narrabri Observatory Narrabri Observatory x
Simon Johnston Astrophysics Marsfield x
Bob Kaletsch Engineering Operations Parkes x
Henry Kanoniuk Engineering Marsfield extension: x
Mike Kesteven Astrophysics,Engineering Marsfield x
Dezso Kiraly Engineering Marsfield x
Ron Koenig Research Support Marsfield x
Baerbel Koribalski Astrophysics Marsfield x
Arkadi Kosmynin Software and Computing Marsfield x
Ed Kruzins Tidbinbilla Tidbinbilla x
Marcia Largent CASS Executive Marsfield x
Ben Lauter Engineering Marsfield x
Mark Leach Engineering Marsfield x
Jennifer Lee Research Support Marsfield x
Karen Lee-Waddell Astrophysics Marsfield x
Tom Lees Engineering Operations Parkes x
Brett Lennon Computing Infrastructure Marsfield x
Erik Lensson Engineering Parkes x
Jennifer Lie Engineering Marsfield x
Simon Mackay Engineering Marsfield x
Adam MacLeod Engineering Marsfield x
Brian Madden Narrabri Observatory Narrabri Observatory x
Stacy Mader Science Operations Parkes x
Juan Madrid Astrophysics Marsfield x
Anthony Maher Software and Computing Marsfield x
Dick Manchester Astrophysics Marsfield x
Malte Marquarding Software and Computing Marsfield x
Josh Marvil Astrophysics Marsfield x
Martin McColl Parkes Observatory Parkes Observatory x
Ryan McConigley Computing Infrastructure Geraldton x
David McConnell ASKAP Marsfield x
Geoffrey McDougall Engineering Operations Marsfield x
Jock McFee Engineering Operations Narrabri x
Margaret McFee Observatory Operations Narrabri x
Vince McIntyre Computing Infrastructure Marsfield x
Lynette Milgate Observatory Operations Parkes x
Peter Mirtschin Engineering Operations Narrabri x
Catherine Mitchell Parkes Observatory Parkes Observatory x
Daniel Mitchell Software and Computing Marsfield x
Ray Moncay Research Support Marsfield x
John Morris Geraldton/MSF Geraldton x
Glen Nagle Tidbinbilla Tidbinbilla x
Alan Ng Research Support Marsfield x
Andrew Ng Engineering Marsfield x
Ray Norris Astrophysics Marsfield x
John O'Sullivan Astrophysics Marsfield x
Ian Ogden CASS Executive Marsfield x
Stephen Ord ASKAP Marsfield x
Sarah Pearce Directors Office Marsfield x
Wilfredo Pena Engineering Operations Geraldton x
Chris Phillips Science Operations Marsfield x
Nathan Pope Computing Infrastructure Marsfield x
Brett Preisig Engineering Operations Parkes x
Laurelle Price Parkes Observatory Parkes Observatory x
Jared Pritchard National Facility Support Marsfield x
Lou Puls Engineering Operations Geraldton x
Wasim Raja Software and Computing Marsfield x
Jill Rathborne Astrophysics Marsfield x
Michael Reay Engineering Operations Geraldton x
Ken Reeves Engineering Operations Parkes x
Les Reilly Engineering Marsfield x
Jordan Rex Engineering Operations Narrabri x
Cormac Reynolds Science Operations Kensington x
John Reynolds ASKAP Marsfield x
Maria Rioja Astrophysics Kensington x
Adrian Rispler ASKAP Marsfield x
Paul Roberts Engineering Marsfield x
Peter Roush Engineering Marsfield x
Haydn Rowan Engineering Operations Geraldton x
Daniel Roxby Engineering Marsfield x
Tim Ruckley Engineering Operations Parkes x
Gabby Russell Directors Office Marsfield x
Rob Ryan Engineering Operations Geraldton x
John Sarkissian Science Operations Parkes x
Antony Schinckel Directors Office Marsfield x
Ryan Shannon Astrophysics Marsfield x
Li Shao Astrophysics Marsfield x
Robert Shaw Engineering Marsfield x
Matthew Shields Engineering Marsfield x
Michael Shields Narrabri Observatory Narrabri Observatory x
Malcolm Smith Engineering Operations Parkes x
Charlotte Sobey Astrophysics Kensington x
Susan Soo Observatory Operations Marsfield x
Jamie Stevens Science Operations Narrabri x
Graeme Sunderland Engineering Operations Narrabri x
Nic Svenson ASKAP Marsfield x
Julie Tesoriero Research Support Marsfield x
Lawrence Toomey Software and Computing Marsfield x
Bruce Tough Engineering Operations Narrabri x
Tricia Trim Observatory Operations Parkes x
Euan Troup Software and Computing Marsfield x
John Tuthill Engineering Marsfield x
Alison Tye Observatory Operations Parkes x
Bob Tyler National Facility Support Marsfield x
Tasso Tzioumis Engineering Marsfield x
Karin Unger Parkes Observatory Parkes Observatory x
Maxim Voronkov Software and Computing Marsfield x
Jing Wang Astrophysics Marsfield x
Robin Wark Science Operations Marsfield x
Gemma Whiting Geraldton/MSF Geraldton x
Matthew Whiting Software and Computing Marsfield x
Josephine Whyte Directors Office Marsfield x
Mark Wieringa Software and Computing Marsfield x
Briony Wilson Research Support Marsfield x
Christine Wilson Observatory Operations Narrabri x
John Wilson Engineering Operations Narrabri x
Tim Wilson Engineering Operations Narrabri x
Warwick Wilson Engineering Marsfield x
Adrian Wright Engineering Marsfield x
Mark Wright Research Support Marsfield x
Xinyu Wu Software and Computing Marsfield x

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