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ASKAP News Archive 2013

Three white dish-like ASKAP antennas sit amongst red dirt and desert bushes in the foreground of a desert sunset. Credit: Alex Cherney/terrastro.

A highlight reel for ASKAP: 2013 in review, December 2013
As another year comes to a close, there are a number of key achievements to highlight for the ASKAP team. Read more.

ASKAP PAF receivers achieve performance goal, December 2013
Recent tests of CSIRO's innovative PAF receivers developed for radio astronomy have successfully demonstrated near-optimal system performance across the entire ASKAP band. Read more.

First absorption line for ASKAP, December 2013
CSIRO's ASKAP commissioning team has achieved a new science demonstration with the first HI absorption line measured with ASKAP antennas at the MRO. Read more.

National award recognises engineering excellence of ASKAP PAF, November 2013
CSIRO's innovative new PAF receiver system has taken home a national Engineers Australia Engineering Excellence Award at a ceremony in Canberra last night. Read more.

Supercomputer launch leads to Big Data, November 2013
Today marks the official operational launch of the iVEC Pawsey Centre a significant portion of which will be dedicated to processing radio-astronomy data from major facilities, including CSIRO's ASKAP telescope. Read more.

Lead role for CSIRO in SKA R&D, November 2013
The SKA Organisation has today announced that CSIRO will play a lead role in the next stage of the ambitious international SKA project. Read more.

CASS and industry develop specialised PAF casings for ASKAP, October 2013
The ASKAP team has been working with local industry to develop casings for the second generation PAF receiver, demonstrating how the application of industrial skills from disparate fields can be applied to problems in the construction of instruments for advanced science. Read more.

ASKAP spies spectral line for the first time, October 2013
ASKAP has made its first ever detection of a spectral line, an exciting milestone given the importance of spectral line surveys in achieving ASKAP's science goals. Read more.

Feedback sought on ASKAP Early Science Program, September 2013
Feedback is now being sought from the astronomy community on ASKAP Early Science, a program of observations designed to explore new scientific parameter-space with ASKAP before the construction of the array is complete. Read more.

ASKAP PAF system wins Excellence award, September 2013
ASKAP's innovative new receiver technology the phased array feed (PAF) has picked up the 'Innovations and Inventions' award at the Sydney branch Engineering Excellence Awards ceremony for Engineers Australia. Read more.

ASKAP gains Early Adopter access to supercomputer, September 2013
Following pre-acceptance tests of the iVEC Pawsey Centre's supercomputing system, members of the ASKAP Computing team are now using the new general purpose petascale system as part of the Early Adopter program. Read more.

CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive preparations underway, September 2013
While commissioning continues with the ASKAP telescope at the MRO, planning is also underway for a core computing component the CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive (CASDA). Read more.

Final BETA PAF lifted onto ASKAP antenna, August 2013
The sixth and final 'MkI' PAF receiver was lifted onto an ASKAP antenna last week at the MRO in Western Australia. Read more.

Remote viewing brings telescopes to Sydney, August 2013
An ASKAP antenna took place in the first full VLBI session held in the Marsfield Science Operations Centre (SOC) recently. Read more.

ASKAP telescope receives SIEF grant, August 2013
CSIRO's newest radio telescope, the Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) has been awarded a $6m grant under the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF). Read more.

Positive response to ASKAP Early Science Workshop, August 2013
A community workshop on early science with ASKAP was held 5 August 2013 at the CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science Division in Marsfield with 70 registered participants from 14 institutes in 5 countries. Read more.

ASKAP hardware on the road to the MRO, August 2013
The final pieces of ASKAP BETA hardware and firmware systems are now on the road to the Murchison Radio Observatory (MRO) in Western Australia. Read more.

Multi-beam image validates ASKAP BETA system design, July 2013
The ASKAP team has produced the first multi-beam image with the ASKAP BETA system, with the new hardware correlator installed at the Murchison Radio Observatory (MRO) in Western Australia. Read more.

Further phase closure success with ASKAP hardware correlator, July 2013
The ASKAP team has again achieved phase closure with the ASKAP hardware correlator, this time at the MRO, in Western Australia. Read more.

ASKAP Early Science Workshop announced, July 2013
An all-day workshop on ASKAP Early Science will take place at the CASS headquarters in Sydney on 5 August 2013 to provide a forum for astronomy community input into the ASKAP Early Science program. Read more.

Hardware correlator phase closure clears the way to BETA, July 2013
The ASKAP team has achieved phase closure with three ASKAP antenna systems and the FPGA-based hardware correlator at the CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science headquarters in Sydney. Read more.

CSIRO opens Observatory office, July 2013
ASKAP's newest support hub for the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO) will officially open today in Geraldton, Western Australia. Read more.

Hardware correlator testing underway, June 2013
The ASKAP team will soon travel out to the MRO to test remote commissioning of the hardware correlator on site with ASKAP antennas. Read more.

Latest ASKAP Update now available, May 2013
The latest edition of the ASKAP Update is now avialable for download. Read more.

Selavy supports source finding for ASKAP SSTs, May 2013
The ASKAP Computing team has created a test source-finder to simulate and analyse expected data sets from ASKAP. Read more.

Remote access aids ASKAP commissioning, May 2013
The ASKAP hardware correlator will soon be on its way out to the MRO for remote development and testing, which will optimise remote accessibility of ASKAP during commissioning activities. Read more.

Multi-beam image offers sneak peek of ASKAP field-of-view, April 2013
The first multi-beam image ever made using phased array feeds (PAFs) on an interferometer has been produced by the ASKAP commissioning team at the MRO. Read more.

From an office space far, far away, March 2013
CSIRO's ASKAP team has successfully controlled its pathfinder telescope in Western Australia, from its Sydney based Science Operations Centre (SOC) a distance in excess of 3,400km. Read more.

ASKAP science commissioning makes progress, February 2013
CSIRO's ASKAP science commissioning team has made important progress in testing the telescope's systems since phase closure with three ASKAP phased array feeds was achieved in August 2012. Read more.

New CASS Chief appointed, February 2013
CSIRO has announced that Dr Lewis Ball has been appointed as the incoming Chief for CSIRO's Astronomy and Space Science (CASS) division. Read more.

$18.8m for Australian science and industry in SKA, January 2013
CSIRO welcomes a recent announcement of a new research and development fund that will see Australian scientists work on the development of the international SKA project. Read more.

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