Australian ALMA community workshop

For information about the February 2012 ALMA workshop please see this page.

May 5-6 2011



In preparation for the upcoming ALMA early science observations we are holding a 2-day ALMA workshop for the Australian community. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss:

  • Early Science Capabilities of ALMA
  • Tools required to design ALMA observing programs, submit proposals, and CASA data reduction
  • Science projects to take advantage of ALMA's unique capabilities

This workshop will also provide a way to measure local interest in ALMA and highlight future science projects. It presents a great opportunity for the community to learn about this new facility, to meet some of the key people involved, and to discuss future projects utilising ALMA. We encourage everyone to attend, especially students.

For more information on ALMA's early science capabilities, see the ALMA Early Science Cycle 0 announcement.


The workshop will be held at the CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science ATNF headquarters in Marsfield, Sydney. Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea will be provided. For nearby accommodation options see the Visitors Guide to the ATNF Headquarters.


There will be no registration fee for this workshop. Please email Jill Rathborne to confirm your attendance at the workshop. Please also include a title if you would like to present a short science talk. The list of registered participants can be found here.

Registration closes on April 21, 2011.


The workshop program is available here. The presentations can be downloaded here.

Workshop dinner

The workshop dinner will be held at the Zaaffran Indian restaurant in Darling Harbour. The cost will be $50 per person (dinner and drinks included). Students will dine for free. Please email Jill Rathborne if you'd like to attend and haven't already expressed interest. Directions to the restaurant and parking information can be found here. The banquet menu can be found here.

Organising Committee

Jill Rathborne (chair)
Kate Brooks
Ilana Feain
Bjorn Emonts
Shari Breen
Andrew Hopkins



Workshop poster

The workshop poster can be download here.

For more information email Jill Rathborne