ASKAP wins Nature Astronomy’s 2018 Cover of the Year

Saturday 22 December was a day for some last-minute Christmas shopping. It also saw a flurry of online voting to choose Nature Astronomy’s 2018 Cover of the Year.

We’re pleased to say that November’s special issue on fast radio bursts took out the prize. This cover featured the gorgeous photo of ASKAP by Australian astrophotographer Alex Cherney ( As you see from his website, Alex is no stranger to winning awards.

The actual contents of the special issue were pretty cool too, and well worth a read. ATNF’s Keith Bannister penned the Mission Control article, which described the progress ASKAP has already made in finding fast radio bursts and outlined its next steps.

Thanks to everyone who voted for the ASKAP cover, and thanks to Nature Astronomy for ending the year with a light-hearted competition.