ASKAP Timeline

Antennas that make up CSIRO's ASKAP radio telescope, June 2012; nine of ASKAP's 36 antennas can be seen in this picture. Credit: Ross Forsyth, CSIRO.

ASKAP, CSIRO's new radio telescope, is currently under construction at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory in the Mid West region of Western Australia. The table below outlines the key stages of construction of the telescope and its supporting infrastructure.

Activity Date
Construction of all 36 ASKAP antennas complete June 2012
Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO) support infrastructure complete July 2012
Start of system verification testing
  • Includes demonstration of signal processing (early ASKAP commissioning)
August 2012
MRO Support Facility complete
  • 820 sq metre facility based in Geraldton for ASKAP support staff
February 2013
ASKAP BETA (Boolardy Engineering Test Array) July 2013
ASKAP 12 PAF stage
  • Complete 36 antenna array
  • A minimum of 12 antennas equipped with PAF receivers, 6 of which are new generation Mark II PAFs
  • Meaningful astronomical science is possible at this stage
March 2014
Continued PAF roll-out
  • ASKAP fitted with an additional 6 Mark II PAFs bringing the total number of antennas with PAFs to 18
  • ASKAP becomes a genuinely powerful telescope in its own right, facilitating world-class astronomical research

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