ATUC Meeting Agenda


11/12 April 2002

Lecture Theatre, ATNF Headquarters, Marsfield
(Teleconference: x4612 Thu/Fri)

Open Session: Thursday 11th of April

*** Session Begins 10:30 ***
Welcome & Introduction Anne Green 10min
Director's Report Ray Norris 40min
Future Development Plans John Brooks 20min
SKA update Peter Hall 10min
Observatory Reports
John Reynolds 20min
Tasso Tzioumis 10min
*** Lunch Break 12:30-13:30 ***
Observatory Reports (cont'd)
Bob Sault 20min
Bob Sault 10min
Graduate Student Program Lister Staveley-Smith 10min
AIPS++ project status Neil Killeen 10min
Computing environment changes Vince McIntyre 5min
Open day feedback
ATNF publication rates
Jessica Chapman 20min

*** Tea Break 15:00-15:30 ***

Business Session: Thursday 11th of April


  • Apologies
  • Matters Arising from Director's Response
  • Additional agenda items
  • KPI results

See agenda items below

*** Session Ends 17:00 ***

Business Session: Friday 12th of April

starting at 9:30am - ATNF, Lecture Theatre


Continuing from Thursday...

  1. Will encroaching space pressure for offices at Marsfield impact on computer/room access for visitor users, remote observers?
  2. Does ATUC see an impact on the science outcomes planned for MNRF2, from delays in implementation of MNRF1 projects?
  3. The SKA demonstrator science was discussed in December. Does ATUC have any comment on the decisions for the detailed capability and placement of the mini-stations, and what science projects should be developed around them?
  4. Is continuing pressure for the timely release of the next observing schedules a reason to suggest that someone other than the OIC take on scheduling for both Parkes and ATCA?
  5. Is ATUC happy with the RFI mitigation plan and its implementation at the Observatories?
  6. Is there an intrinsic problem with finding good cm swap projects for mm projects? Will this have an impact on flexible scheduling?
  7. Is there a need for a queue listing to be formed for processing of archive data at ATCA? Are careless astronomers using the archive request inappropriately?
  8. What are the next major science goals for Parkes - now that the big surveys are finishing; what impact will such choices have on instrument plans?
  9. What will be the impact on Mopra of external time requests for winter 2003?
  10. Does ATUC have a comment on the format of the inaugural VLBI report, separately presented at this meeting?
  11. New members suggestions for the AT Steering Committee
  12. Format and date for next meeting.
  13. Report to Director

*** Lunch 12:30 - 13:30 ***
*** Business Session Ends 15:00 ***