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ASKAP Early Science Community Workshop

09:30-16:30 Thu 08 Oct 2015

ATNF Headquarters, Marsfield, NSW


A one-day ASKAP Early Science Workshop will be held on 8 October at CSIRO and Space Science headquarters in Marsfield, NSW.

ASKAP Early Science is a program of observations designed to explore new scientific parameters with ASKAP before the construction of the array is complete, and also to produce scientifically useful data.

It will start when an array of twelve ASKAP antennas fitted with CSIRO's Mk II phased array feeds (the instrument known as ASKAP-12) has been commissioned and scientifically verified.

Early science observations will be carried out in parallel with the deployment of the Mk II phased array feeds on further ASKAP antennas.

Please register now at the link below if you plan to attend.

Attendance is free of charge and a videoconference link will be available.

The program will feature invited presentations from science teams who are engaged with ASKAP early science planning. There will also be updates from CSIRO about the scope and delivery of the ASKAP early science program.

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Lisa Harvey-Smith

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