Future ATNF Operations


One of the most important issues for the Australia Telescope National Facility today is to plan the changes to operations necessary to implement the strategies for radio astronomy outlined in the 2006 Australian Astronomy Decadal Plan. By 2012 the Australia Telescope National Facility will be operating four world-class observatories; our current facilities, the Australia Telescope Compact Array, the Parkes and Mopra radio telescopes, and the Australian SKA Pathfinder telescope (ASKAP) - currently under development.

ATNF's operational resources are limited. The two highest priorities for the ATNF over the next five years are the development of ASKAP and the implementation of changes to ATNF operations to facilitate the operation of ASKAP in addition to the other ATNF facilities.

The ATNF has committed to making the following changes:

  1. Restructure operations activities into two new groups for Science Operations and Engineering Operations;
  2. Establish a Science Operations Centre (SOC) in Sydney;
  3. Streamline supported observing modes and the telescope scheduling.

For information and documents on the future operations plans, ATNF Science Priorities, and community feedback please see the links below.

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