ATNF Visitors Information

The Australia Telescope National Facility operates four sites at Marsfield, Narrabri, Parkes and Mopra. Most visitors to the ATNF spend some time at the Sydney headquarters in Marsfield. The Sydney Kingsford-Smith airport is the arrival and departure point for all international visitors.

Please note that all international visitors must have a valid passport and visa to enter Australia. Contact your nearest Australian Consulate, Embassy, or High Commission office if you need further information.

The following guides provide information for each of the sites.

All visitors to the ATNF must complete the ATNF Reservation form for Travel Accommodation and Computing needs before departure.

All first time visitors must have completed the relevant ATNF online inductions before arrival or within the previous 12 months:

To help us provide the best possible service, we ask that you please complete a Visitors Questionnaire form on your departure.

Further Information

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ATNF visitor schedule Visitors arriving in the next 7 days
ATNF visitors - longrange schedule Visitors arriving in the next 365 days
Flight Timetables Flight timetables for flights between Sydney, Parkes and Narrabri.
Bureau of Meteorology The weather in Australia - including climate and forecasts.