NIMPOL: An imaging polarimeter for the mid-infrared.

Craig H. Smith, Toby J.T. Moore, David K. Aitken, Takuya Fujiyoshi, PASA, 14 (2), in press.

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We have successfully built, commissioned and used for science the new imaging polarimeter, NIMPOL. This instrument has been designed to optimize imaging polarimetry at mid-infrared wavelengths, although it functions perfectly well as a straight imaging system too. This instrument is available for collaborative observing programs at the AAT and UKIRT in Hawaii. From the number of requests to use this instrument so far there was an evident need or desire for access to a mid-infrared imaging system in the Southern Hemisphere. We would also like to point out that while the Siding Spring Observatory may not be the ideal location for an infrared observatory, the superb image quality and reliable pointing/tracking of the AAT count for much, and many valuable Southern Hemisphere programs can be accomplished at this telescope with the NIMPOL mid-infrared imaging polarimeter. Anyone interested in using NIMPOL for a collaborative project should contact one of the authors.

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