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Articles are made accessible in Electronic PASA only after refereeing and final acceptance by PASA. Therefore, the content of electronic editions not yet in print may be only partial.

Information on some previous issues of PASA is available from the CSIRO Publishing PASA Page.

How to refer to papers on this site

Papers that have been published in the paper journal should be referenced with the usual full reference to the paper publication. Papers that have not yet appeared in print and which are on this site should be referred to as
PASA, [volume number], [edition number], in press.
This information is shown in the upper left corner of each page of each paper. Once the paper has appeared in print, the full reference, including page numbers should be given.

Available formats

Articles are available from Electronic PASA in three formats:
  • HTML, suitable for reading on-line with a web browser.
  • PostScript, suitable for downloading and printing.You may need to add appropriate extensions to your browser to enable you to decode the Gzipped PostScript file.
  • The final printed versions of papers are provided as PDF (Portable Document Format) files, and are best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later. This software is free and can be downloaded from Adobe's web site.
    Downloading Papers
    After installing Acrobat Reader, click on "PDF File" of any paper of interest to download the full-text PDF file. The file will download onto your desktop and can then be opened in Acrobat Reader.

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