The Canadian Galactic Plane Survey

J. English , A.R. Taylor , J.A. Irwin , S.M. Dougherty , S. Basu , C. Beichman , J. Brown , Y. Cao , C. Carignan , D. Crabtree , P. Dewdney , N. Duric , M. Fich , E. Gagnon , J. Galt , S. Germain , N. Ghazzali , S. J. Gibson , S. Godbout , A. Gray , D.A. Green , C. Heiles , M. Heyer , L. Higgs , S. Jean , D. Johnstone , G. Joncas , T. Landecker , W. Langer , D. Leahy , P. Martin , H. Matthews , W. McCutcheon , G. Moriarity-Scheiven , S. Pineault , C. Purton , R. Roger , D. Routledge , N. St-Louis , K. Tapping , S. Terebey , F. Vaneldik , D. Watson , T. Willis , H. Wendker , X. Zhang, PASA, 15 (1), 56
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The Canadian Galactic Plane Survey

J. English tex2html_wrap_inline238
A.R. Taylor tex2html_wrap_inline240
J.A. Irwin tex2html_wrap_inline238
S.M. Dougherty tex2html_wrap_inline240
S. Basu tex2html_wrap_inline246
C. Beichman tex2html_wrap_inline248
J. Brown tex2html_wrap_inline240
Y. Cao tex2html_wrap_inline248
C. Carignan tex2html_wrap_inline254
D. Crabtree tex2html_wrap_inline256
P. Dewdney tex2html_wrap_inline258
N. Duric tex2html_wrap_inline260
M. Fich tex2html_wrap_inline262
E. Gagnon tex2html_wrap_inline264
J. Galt tex2html_wrap_inline258
S. Germain tex2html_wrap_inline264
N. Ghazzali tex2html_wrap_inline264
S. J. Gibson tex2html_wrap_inline240
S. Godbout tex2html_wrap_inline264
A. Gray tex2html_wrap_inline258
D.A. Green tex2html_wrap_inline278
C. Heiles tex2html_wrap_inline280
M. Heyer tex2html_wrap_inline282
L. Higgs tex2html_wrap_inline258
S. Jean tex2html_wrap_inline264
D. Johnstone tex2html_wrap_inline246
G. Joncas tex2html_wrap_inline264
T. Landecker tex2html_wrap_inline258
W. Langer tex2html_wrap_inline294
D. Leahy tex2html_wrap_inline240
P. Martin tex2html_wrap_inline246
H. Matthews tex2html_wrap_inline300
W. McCutcheon tex2html_wrap_inline302
G. Moriarity-Scheiven tex2html_wrap_inline300
S. Pineault tex2html_wrap_inline264
C. Purton tex2html_wrap_inline258
R. Roger tex2html_wrap_inline258
D. Routledge tex2html_wrap_inline312
N. St-Louis tex2html_wrap_inline254
K. Tapping tex2html_wrap_inline258
S. Terebey tex2html_wrap_inline248
F. Vaneldik tex2html_wrap_inline312
D. Watson tex2html_wrap_inline322
T. Willis tex2html_wrap_inline258
H. Wendker tex2html_wrap_inline326
X. Zhang tex2html_wrap_inline328

tex2html_wrap_inline238 Queen's University (Physics Dept., Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6 tex2html_wrap_inline240 University of Calgary tex2html_wrap_inline258 DRAO tex2html_wrap_inline254Universit'e de Montr'eal tex2html_wrap_inline262University of Waterloo tex2html_wrap_inline264Universit'e Laval tex2html_wrap_inline246CITA, University of Toronto tex2html_wrap_inline302University of British Columbia tex2html_wrap_inline312University of Alberta tex2html_wrap_inline300JAC tex2html_wrap_inline256DAO tex2html_wrap_inline248Caltech tex2html_wrap_inline260University of New Mexico tex2html_wrap_inline278MRAO tex2html_wrap_inline280University of California, Berkeley tex2html_wrap_inline282FCRAO tex2html_wrap_inline294JPL tex2html_wrap_inline322University of Rochester tex2html_wrap_inline326Hamberger Sternwarte tex2html_wrap_inline328Beijing Astronomical Observatory


The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO) is carrying out a survey as part of an international collaboration to image the northern Milky Way, at a common resolution, in emission from all major constituents of the interstellar medium; the neutral atomic gas, the molecular gas, the ionized gas, dust and relativistic plasma. For many of these constituents the angular resolution of the images (1 arcmin) will be more than a factor of 10 better than any previous studies. The aim is to produce a publicly-available database of high resolution, high-dynamic range images of the Galaxy for multi-phase studies of the physical states and processes in the interstellar medium. We will sketch the main scientific motivations as well as describe some preliminary results from the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey/Releve Canadien du Plan Galactique (CGPS/RCPG).

Keywords: surveys, ISM, The Galaxy, Radio Continuum, Radio Lines

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