A Cloud Monitoring System for Remote Sites

R.W. Clay , N.R. Wild , D.J. Bird , B.R. Dawson , M. Johnston , R. Patrick , A. Sewell, PASA, 15 (3), 332
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A Cloud Monitoring System for Remote Sites

R.W. Clay tex2html_wrap_inline111
N.R. Wild tex2html_wrap_inline111
D.J. Bird tex2html_wrap_inline111
B.R. Dawson tex2html_wrap_inline111
M. Johnston tex2html_wrap_inline111
R. Patrick tex2html_wrap_inline111
A. Sewell tex2html_wrap_inline111

tex2html_wrap_inline111 University of Adelaide, South Australia, 5005


A cloud monitor has been developed for use with cosmic ray air shower fluorescence detectors, the High Resolution Fly's Eye and the Pierre Auger Observatory. This is based on an infra red thermopile device which, unlike previous such monitors, requires no moving chopper and is suitable for unattended operation over long periods of time.

Keywords: instrumentation: detectors

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