Australian Cosmic Ray Modulation Research

M. L. Duldig
, PASA, 18 (1), in press.
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Australian Cosmic Ray Modulation Research

M. L. Duldig

Australian Antarctic Division, Channel Highway, Kingston, Australia, 7050


Australian research into variations of the cosmic ray flux arriving at the Earth has played a pivotal role for more than 50 years. The work has been largely led by the groups from the University of Tasmania and the Australian Antarctic Division and has involved the operation of neutron monitors and muon telescopes from many sites. In this paper the achievements of the Australian researchers are reviewed and future experiments are described. Particular highlights include: the determination of cosmic ray modulation parameters; the development of modelling techniques of Ground Level Enhancements; the confirmation of the Tail-In and Loss-Cone Sidereal anisotropies; the Space Ship Earth collaboration; and the Solar Cycle latitude survey.

Keywords: cosmic rays: observations - modulation - anisotropies - neutron monitor - muon telescope - GLE; heliosphere

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