The Active Algol Binary KZ Pavonis

E. Budding,
S. C. Marsden ,
O. B. Slee
, PASA, 18 (2), in press.
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The Active Algol Binary KZ Pavonis

E. Budding1,2 - S. C. Marsden 3 - O. B. Slee4

1 Central Institute of Technology, P.O. Box 40740, Wellington, New Zealand,

2 Carter Observatory, P.O. Box 2909, Wellington, New Zealand.

3 Centre for Astronomy and Atmospheric Research, Faculty of Sciences, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia,

4 Australia Telescope National Facility, Vimiera & Pembroke Rds., Marsfield 2121, NSW, Australia,


The Algol type eclipsing binary KZ Pav has been observed over one complete orbit (0.95 days) with the Australia Telescope Compact Array. Contemporaneous optical photometric data from the University of Southern Queensland's Observatory at Mt Kent were also collected and have been included in this multi-wavelength study. Preliminary indications are that the low levels of emission observed share similarities to those of some RS CVn binaries. The optical data show phase-linked effects which can be related to the mass transfer process of Algols. The possibility that the radio emission may be related to this process is considered.

Keywords: stars: activity -- stars: coronae -- binaries: close -- stars: individual (KZ Pavonis) -- radio continuum: stars -- techniques: miscellaneous

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