Welcome to my homepage. I am a Post Doctoral Fellow in High Resolution Science at CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, based in Marsfield, Sydney.

My basic research interests, in broad terms, cover Masers, Asymptotic Giand Branch (AGB) and post-AGB stars (Mira Variables in particular), radio and sub-millimetre wavelength astronomy and Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI). More specifically, I am interested in understanding the properties of circumstellar envelopes (CSE) in AGB stars and study their dynamics, kinematics and magnetic fields. The mechanisms of mass-loss and pulsation are of particular importance in order to reveal the properties of circumstellar envelopes. Additionally, I am also interested in studying the asymmetries at the CSEs of AGB and pAGB stars and their contribution to the plethora of shapes observed in PNe.

A very fascinating stage in the evolutionary path of AGB stars, is their transition to Planetary Nebulae (PN). In the short period that this transition covers (~1000 years), stars expell water in highly collimated jets at very high velocities. This very rare objects (13 found so far in our galaxy) are known as "Water Fountains". Their motion and properties can be studied through high-resolution VLBI observations of the water masers. My research is currently focused on the above areas.

In this website you can find details about me, some of my research projects, a list of publications, photos and videos, my contact details and some useful links.

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New Paper on TX Cam
A long-term VLBA monitoring campaign of the v=1, J=1-0 SiO masers toward TX Cam - I. Morphology and Shock Waves
Click here for a pdf version.

"A Neapolitan of Masers" - Photos from our Workshop
Click here to see the photos.


Watch the new 112-frame TX Cam movie

The latest movie of TX Cam is now available. It consists of 112 frames (80 observed epochs) with data covering almost three complete stellar cycles between 1997 May 24 and 2002 January 25. Observations were carried out using the Very Long Baseline Array. Click on the image to watch the movie.

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