SKA science on the agenda for Australian astronomers

SKA Key Science Workshop poster.

12 October 2015

Following the ASKAP Early Science Community Workshop, astronomers gathered to discuss and prepare for the Key Science Projects (KSP) of the international Square Kilometre Array telescope project.

The informal community meeting was held at the CASS Marsfield site, to provide the Australian community with a summary of the motivation behind the recent SKA Key Science Workshop in Stockholm.

It was also an opportunity to encourage the Australian astronomy community to become involved in the different science working groups, discuss the next steps, and provide a forum for more general discussions about SKA science in preparation for formal submissions of SKA KSP proposals (in 2018).

Quick ‘sparkler’ presentations from representatives of (most of) the science working groups led to animated discussions around Continuum science, Cosmology, Cosmic Dawn and Epoch of Reinonisation, Transients, Pulsars, HI galaxy science, Extragalactic molecular spectroscopy, the Cradle of Life and our Galaxy.

According to Jill Rathborne, CSIRO SKA Scientist, the key aims of the SKA workshop were to develop concepts and collaborations across the various SKA science working groups, and consideration of high impact science projects for the future international telescope.

"Despite the range of science discussed over the course of just a few days within the working groups, the greatest value of the workshop came from discussions between the groups that focused on commensality and collaboration,” said Jill, “Of course, it makes sense that the best way forward will be to develop good links within our international community, encourage participation in the SKA projects and build a strong case for the amazing science the SKA will produce.”

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