Multi-wavelength properties of Dwarf galaxies in the Local Volume I. Deep Near-Infrared Surface Photometry and Properties

Tye Young (RSAA, ANU)

In hierarchical structure formation scenarios, large numbers of low mass non-baryonic dark matter halos in the distant past were important building blocks for the high mass galaxies observed today. Dwarf galaxies in the Local Volume/Local Sphere of Influence (LV/LSI) (D

Our project aims at a deep near-IR imaging analysis of all Local Volume HI Survey (LVHIS) galaxies, which were not targeted by Kirby et al. (2008). Using the IRIS2 detector on the 3.9m AAT, we obtained data for a sample of 40 LSI galaxies, most of them located in the denser galaxy environments like the Centaurus A and Sculptor groups. This poster presents results from our H-band photometry of these 40 LV galaxies. We probe the galaxies to a surface brightness of ~25 mag arcsec-2, or 40 times fainter than 2MASS. We perform photometry of all detected sources deriving the observed total magnitude, effective surface brightness and best fitting sersic parameters. Physical parameters are inferred from these quantities by using the best available distances in the literature; and these are compared to the neutral gas mass, gas distribution and environmental parameters such as isolation.

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