Free Events

We are pleased to offer two free events during the conferece.

Public Lecture

As a part of the Galaxy Zoo science conference held at the Powerhouse Museum, we proudly announce a free public lecture by Dr Chris Lintott about

"How to discover a planet from your sofa"

Dr Lintott will share stories from his collaboration with more than 750,000 volunteers, who between them have studied galaxies, discovered planets and star clusters and even mapped the Milky Way.

Dr Lintott is an English astrophysicist at the University of Oxford, a presenter on BBC's "The Sky at Night" astronomy programme, a co-founder of the Galaxy Zoo citizen science project as well as a co-author of "Bang!- The complete history of the Universe" with Sir Patrick Moore and Brian May---the guitarist for the band, Queen.

Reservations are essential to secure your seat for this event as places are limited. You can book your space at either of the following sites:


Powerhouse Museum

Teacher Workshop

A teacher workshop will be held on Wednesday September 25 from 6 - 8:30pm. We will have talks by the CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Educator Officer Robert Hollow, Kelly Borden from the Zooniverse Education Team and one of the Galaxy Zoo scientists. This workshop is free for all teachers. Please visit our Teacher Workshop page for more information.

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