Elemental Abundances on Galaxies hosting type Ia SN

Manuel Emilio Moreno Raya (CIEMAT)

The metallicity of the progenitor system producing a Supernova type Ia could play an important role in the estimate of the maximum luminosity of the explosion. This dependance should change the usual calibration between the light curve parameters of SN Ia and its absolute magnitude. To test this idea, we analyse the spectra from SLOAN/SDSS galaxies hosting SN Ia, determine the emission line intensities and estimate the oxygen abundances by using well known empirical calibrations. The final aim is to study if these abundances might have a role in the determination of the absolute magnitude of the SN Ia and in the Hubble diagram, helping to reduce the dispersion and the systematic errors, by using the metallicity dependent theoretical calibration by Bravo (2010).

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