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The meeting will held at the Sheraton Port Douglas along the North Queensland coast in Australia. The Sheraton have offered discounted rates of $210 per night (plus $20 per person buffet breakfast) - roughly equal to $185 USD and 140euros at time of writing. This accommodation may be booked at this dedicated website. Other accommodation is available within walking distance.

In June the weather in Port Douglas will generally be sunny and dry with temperatures around 17-26C (min/max).

The closest airport is Cairns Airport about 66km south of Port Douglas. International flights arrive from places such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore and Auckland. Participants require either a Short Validity Business Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or a Business Visitor stream Visa. Conference participants who are not eligible to apply for an ETA need to request a "Letter of Invitation" from the LOC to supplement their application. If you need a Visa, please complete the online form or contact your Australian Embassy/Consulate. A complete list of Australian Embassies and Consulates worldwide can be found at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. Please ensure that all necessary visa/eVisitor applications have been been made prior to arrival in Australia.

Please arrange your own transport from Cairns Airport to the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas. We recommend you pre-book a shuttle. Several companies offer such a service.