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[Duchamp] Updated version 1.1.6 now available

From: <Matthew.Whiting_at_email.protected>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 11:26:08 +1000

Gday all,

This is to announce the release of an updated version of the Duchamp source-finding package. This is an incremental update, v1.1.6, with a few new features and some relatively minor bug fixes.

The possibility now exists to re-read detections from a previous Duchamp run and re-plot them with different parameters (for instance, with integrated rather than peak spectra). At the same time, you can select to plot a subset of the detections in the spectral file, and these objects will also have individual postscript files created (e.g. for use in publications etc).

There are two new ways in which the velocity width is reported: w_50 and w_20. These are, respectively, the full width at 50% and 20% of the peak flux. The w_50 parameter is now reported in the results list written to screen, although both of these plus the w_VEL parameter are reported in the full results list written to disk.

There is more flexibility now with the growing of sources, as the growth threshold can now be specified in flux units rather than just signal-to-noise ratios. This needs to be done if you have manually specified a detection threshold using the "threshold" parameter.

The bug fixes were relatively minor -- the most important ones being related to non-standard FITS WCS setups, in particular for Stokes cubes that did not have a spectral axis. See the CHANGES file in the distribution for further information on these and each of the new features.

The new code is available for download from the usual place:<>
and any feedback (which is always welcome!) can be done via the Trac wiki:

Happy Finding!

Matt Whiting.
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